Lectrosonics SNA 600A – DSR4 antenna extension

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  • Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 12.15.26


extend the range of the Lectrosonic Wireless Transmitters read more


80$ U$ per day


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80$ U$ per day


  • 2x Lectrosonic SNA 600A antenna
  • 2x PSC RF Multi Mini distributor 470-700Mhz
  • 2x antenna cable
  • 4x DSR4-distribotur connector cable

The SNA600 antenna is a versatile tool for use with wireless microphone receivers or IFB transmitters. The center frequency of its 100 MHz bandwidth is tunable from 550 to 800 MHz. The frequency is set by adjusting the dipole elements using the scale printed on the body of the antenna.

PSC RF Multi Mini — Contains two, separate, active 1 x 3 RF splitters for use with up to three (3) diversity receivers. This compact, rugged device was developed using the latest super low noise, high current RF amplifiers and will operate over various frequency ranges based on which bandpass filter it is built with. Its two inputs are traditional BNC connectors for ease of use in interfacing with your external antennas.